Innova 7111

7111: Smart Diagnostic System Tablet

Powered by RepairSolutionsPRO™

We proudly introduce the Innova 7111, an advanced OBD2 bidirectional smart scan tool tablet. The Innova 7111 combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features to simplify your automotive diagnostics. With its intuitive interface and powerful capabilities, this scan tool tablet empowers you to quickly and accurately diagnose and repair vehicle issues. Whether a professional mechanic or an automotive enthusiast, the Innova 7111 is your ultimate tool for comprehensive diagnostics. Don't settle for anything less—explore the future of automotive scanning with the Innova 7111 OBD2 bidirectional scan tool tablet. Upgrade your diagnostic experience today!

OE-Level Diagnostic Tablet
designed for professional technicians.

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Smart Diagnostic System 7” Tablet

7111 SDS

  • Powered by RepairSolutionsPRO™
  • Bidirectional Control / Active Tests
  • 34 Workshop Tools
  • All-System Diagnostics
  • Enhanced Data Stream
  • OBD2 Monitor Status and Drive Cycle Procedures
  • Vehicle Inspection Reports
  • Supports All 10 OBD2 Modes
  • Battery & Charging System Test
  • Routines, Relearns, Resets, Initializations and more / Special Functions
  • OEM Diagnostics

Complete Specs and Feature List

7111 SDS

7111 | SDS

Developed by Pros for Pros

Built for Pros

The INNOVA 7111 is ergonomically designed and easy to use.


  • Large 7.0" Display
  • Durable Rubber Guard
  • Instant Boot Up
  • Adjustable Hand Strap
  • Detachable Cable with LED Lit Head

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7111 SDS

Watch our instructional video to learn more about the INNOVA 7111 and its powerful features, including dealership-level and user-friendly services.

Innova 7111: How to access FCA Secure Gateway

Best In-Class Database

SDS tablet utilizes only the best for the best. We contract automotive data directly from OEMs, which means the data we provide you are of the utmost quality. We retrieve quality data from major automotive players such as Toyota, GM, Hyundai, Mercedes, and more.

7111 SDS