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What is a DTC?

A DTC code, also known as Diagnostic Trouble Code, refers to a code generated by the onboard diagnostic system of a vehicle. This system is designed to monitor various components and systems of the vehicle to detect and report any malfunctions or issues.

DTC codes are alphanumeric codes that provide specific information about the nature and location of a problem within the vehicle. When a fault is detected, the onboard diagnostic system generates a DTC code and stores it in its memory. These codes can be retrieved using a diagnostic tool or scanner connected to the vehicle's diagnostic port.

Each DTC code corresponds to a specific problem or fault condition. It helps automotive technicians and mechanics identify and diagnose the underlying issue in a more efficient manner. The codes are standardized and follow a specific format, allowing technicians to interpret them across different vehicle makes and models.

You can connect any of our products to your vehicle’s diagnostic port to view DTC Codes, DTC Fixes, and more.

Common DTC Codes

  • P0101 | Air Mass Flow (MAF) Circuit or Sensor Fault
  • P0110 | Intake Air Temperature Sensor Circuit Malfunction
  • P0442 | System Leak in Vehicle’s Evaporative Emission Control System
  • P0500 | Speed Sensor Malfunction
  • P0606 | PCM or ECM Powertrain Malfunction
  • P0706 | Transmission Range Sensor Circuit Range Fault

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